I'm a country girl and a ballerina, as well as an aspiring photographer. This is a blog of my personal photography only, no reblogs - everything on here was taken by me. I shoot my photos with a Canon Rebel T3i and edit them with Adobe Lightroom 4. I have an 18-55mm f3.5-32 Canon lens and a 70-300mm f4.5-32 Sigma lens.

changes to this blog are coming, but keep following :)

due to recent copyright infringement of old pictures without watermarks, I am moving the majority of my photography to a blogspot blog, where it will be more organized, professional, and hold less risk of copyright infringement. I will leave some pictures up on this tumblr blog and occasionally upload a handful that you, my awesome followers would enjoy. 

I’ll be moving to and developing the new blog over the next few weeks. I’ll post the link when it’s ready. Meanwhile I have figured out how to disable image saving. Sorry. 

Again, thank you for following me and encouraging me along the beginning part of my journey in the world of photography! Please check out and subscribe to the new blog when it’s ready! 

God bless and have a very merry CHRISTmas! 


This is rude. Just because I took good pictures and uploaded them to my blog before I had a watermarking system does not mean you can steal my stuff and call it your own. So far I’ve only discovered it with my only tumblr famous photo, the one with  my boots lined up taken from the side view (in color), the original with the source as my blog has 3,576 and counting,then I found the same picture with the source that I won’t be naming but it has nearly another 1,000 reblogs. Not real sure how to handle this but I want all of my followers to beware that I’m watching y’all. Stealing any photographers work and naming it as your own is wrong. This is my picture of my boot collection. The least you can do is site the source. Or not save my pictures to your hard-drive at all.